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October 18, 2013

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See the Tiny Blue Dot above the arrow – You Are Here. This is a Postcard of “Home Sweet Home,” from the Cassini Spacecraft at Saturn.

I don’t think you can see Uranus from here.  Somebody commented “Take it again, my eyes were closed.” Our very special guest for this Podcast, Melinda Pillsbury-Foster said, “I did not see me. Was I smiling?”  Listen to the Podcast, you’ll agree she probably was. She added, “Climb out of your paradigm today -It’s the shortest journey to the longest view.”

This show is about “Paradigm Shifts” – Once upon a time there was a man named Malthus.  He made a mistake.  He decided economist Adam Smith‘s classical liberal economics was wrong, basically because there are always more people competing for only one world. That’s the Malthus paradigm – and it changed everything. In short, Smith said controlled growth (Mercantilism) was obsolete.  Proponents of the Malthus Mistake advocate that growth needs to be controlled.

But Malthus made a mistake – he predicted human population growth rate doubling would strain world resources until life would become impossible.  His “end of the world” predictions were tempered in a second edition, when the world didn’t end, and another and even a fourth edition.  We’re still here – Malthus made a mistake.

Life is too short, and none of us is getting any younger.  For the purposes of discussion, we will not waste any more time on malthusianism, neo-malthusianism, or what ever else they try to pull the wool over our eyes with (again.)  I will note, in passing, that Malthus is supposed to be the name of a demon – which makes about as much sense as a lot of the other things written on this subject.  Take that with a whole heap of grains of salt, because it sources to A. Crowly.  Place your trust in him at your own peril. Liberals do not have to be told what to think.

On July 20th, 1969 a human left footprints on our first second world – and that changed everything.  Remember that Malthus Formula; Population Doubling – Only One World.  Wrong – Earth/Moon is a Binary Planet.  The supply of World doubled, that day.  So much for small talk – don’t get rid of people, add worlds.  Paradigm Shift, anyone?

Hitler’s National Socialists used the Malthus Mistake to justify some pretty serious unpleasantness.   Wiki again, follow the sources – draw your own conclusions::  They called t Lebensraum. “The Nazis supported territorial expansionism to gain Lebensraum (“living space”) as being a law of nature for all healthy and vigorous peoples of superior races to displace people of inferior races; especially if the people of a superior race were facing overpopulation in their given territories.[1] The German Nazi Party claimed that Germany inevitably needed to territorially expand because it was facing an overpopulation crisis within its Treaty of Versailles-designed boundaries that Adolf Hitler described: “We are overpopulated and cannot feed ourselves from our own resources”.[1] Thus expansion was justified as an inevitable necessity for Germany to pursue in order to end the country’s overpopulation within existing confined territory, and provide resources necessary to its people’s well-being.”  Most of the rest of the world disagreed with this policy.

Same mistake – other side of the equation.  Population Reduction (writ large) called the Final Solution.

If you are a Malthusian, you might have found yourself agreeing with these policies.  Some of those policies are not ancient history – they are today’s headlines.  Privatization, for example , according to Wiki: “The Economist magazine introduced the term in the 1930s in covering Nazi German economic policy.[5][6]” (Just in case that goes away, “[5] Edwards, Ruth Dudley (1995). The Pursuit of Reason: The Economist 1843-1993. Harvard Business School Press. p. 946. ISBN 0-87584-608-4″ “[6] Compare Bel, Germà (2006). “Retrospectives: The Coining of ‘Privatisation’ and Germany’s National Socialist Party”. Journal of Economic Perspectives 20 (3): 187–194.  doi:10.1257/jep.20.3.187 “)

OccupyInterview talked with Paul Craig Roberts. for this show.  He was such a fascinating source of information, the interview wasn’t recorded.  Hopefully, he’ll take time to talk with us again.  He wrote, “Not that long ago government and free market proponents were at sword’s point, but no more. With little left in the private sector to rip off, the financial gangsters have turned to the public sector and put to work for them the free market economists’ advocacy of privatization. Governments themselves became part of the conspiracy once the politicians realized that looting public assets was an efficient way to reward their private benefactors.”

Our guest, Melinda Pillsbury-Foster’s bio states she “…has studied the evolving dynamics of political and social change since she was a young teenager.  She is also a columnist, self-published and published by others, the author of several books, and a published poet.
Most of her life has been spent in politics, working for social and justice reform from the convergent ideological position of left-libertarian….She has written numerous articles on the issue of psychopathy and sociopaths, who account, she believes, for many of our present problems since they behavior, including lack of a conscience and empathy, is not accounted for by our legal and court systems.

She believes until we understand the problem presented by psychopaths, we cannot solve it.”  She has created a board game called Greedville.

Join us as she and co-host Robin Loerner (both have made an extensive study of paradigm shifts) search for solutions.  Don’t be a perpetrator, victim, or enabler – resist.

Thomas Paine, Rights of Man, 1791
“Revolutions, then, have for their object, a change in the moral conditions of governments and with this change the burden of public taxes will lessen, and civilization will be left to the enjoyment of that abundance, of which it is now deprived….”

Special thanks to Activist Post writer Heather Callaghan.  Several of her stories provided perfect examples for this show.

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